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Area of National Forest Closed During Jesusita Fire Re-opened

National Forest Service 20 May 2009


GOLETA - Forest Service officials announced today that National Forest System lands temporarily closed during the recent Jesusita Fire have now been re-opened to the public. The area includes from Refugio Road (Forest Road 5N19) on the west to Cold Springs Trail (Forest Trail 26W10) on the east and from West Camino Cielo (Forest Road 5N19) and East Camino Cielo (Forest Road 5N12) on the north to the Congressional boundary of the Los Padres National Forest on the south. Approximately 1,540 acres of National Forest system lands which were treated with hydromulch after last years Gap Fire, will remain closed.

While on trails within the area of the Jesusita Fire, hikers are reminded to use extra caution, as there is possibility of rolling rocks, downed trees and other debris on trails.

More Information is available by calling Los Padres National Forest headquarters at (805) 968-6640 or Los Prietos Ranger Station at (805) 967-3481.