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Santa Barbara Region and San Rafael Mountains

ThumbnailCommon NameScientific NameDescriptionNative
  Red Sand Verbena  Red Sand Verbena Abronia maritima This was seen on Coreopsis Hill. Native
  Purple Perez  Purple Perez Acourtia microcephala Sacapellote Pretty small purple flowers. Native
  Burlew's Onion  Burlew's Onion Allium burlewii Found in the pine forest above Mission Pine Springs. About two inches tall. Native
  Crinkle Onion  Crinkle Onion Allium crispum Found west of Figueroa mountain on a serpentine slope. They are about six inches tall. Native
  Common Fiddleneck  Common Fiddleneck Amsinckia menziesii Fiddlenecks can be found all over Santa Barbara county. They have taken over many of the fields near the Sierra Madre road. Native
  Scarlet Pimpernel  Scarlet Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis Tiny orange flowers growing close to the ground on weak stems. This European import is everywhere. Non-native
  Pearly Everlasting  Pearly Everlasting Anaphalis margaritacea The dried flowers of this plant last longer than the plant and have a wonderful caramel smell. The plant is dioecious that is there are male plants and female plants. Native
  Yerba mansa  Yerba mansa Anemopsis californica A large colony of these can be found near the Gaviota Hot Springs. They grow in marshes and around hot springs in other parts of the county as well. Native
  Rose Snapdragon  Rose Snapdragon Antirrhinum multiflorum Tall hairy stems that often fall over and run horizontal. These were found on Tequepis Trail. Non-native
  PricklyPoppy  PricklyPoppy Argemone munita These delicate tissue paper-like flowers seem out of place on their prickly hairy stems. Native
  California Milkweed  California Milkweed Asclepias californica This little beauty has heavy flowers that have a star shape on each pestle. Native
  Desert Milkweed  Desert Milkweed Asclepias erosa This one was seen on the Manzana River while we were heading to the schoolhouse. Native
  Asphodel  Asphodel Asphodelus fistulosus Also called Onionweed. These were growing next to the road by Parma Park. Non-native
  Locoweed  Locoweed Astragalus douglasii This plant is often seen near dirt roads throughout the area. Native
  Mule Fat  Mule Fat Baccharis salicifolia These plants are found near streams and wet places Native
  Dull-leaved Barberry  Dull-leaved Barberry Berberis aquifolium I saw this on the lower portion of the Cold Spring trail leading to Mono Camp. It is a small plant with large leaves. The leaves look very much like holly. The yellow flowers have a very pleasant scent. Native
  Golden Star  Golden Star Bloomeria crocea I have seen these on many trails in the Santa Barbara area. Native
  Black Mustard  Black Mustard Brassica nigra Introduced by the padres for their mustard seed some hillsides become a sea of yellow when they are covered by these tiny flowers. Non-native
  Harvest Brodiaea  Harvest Brodiaea Brodiaea jolonensis These tiny little flowers were seen on the Outlook trail at Gaviota after the fire came through. There were quite a few. Only about six inches tall. Native
  European Sea Rocket  European Sea Rocket Cakile maritima This one was seen at Carpinteria Beach but they are found all up and down the coast. They are a fast moving invasive species. They produce a little seed pod that looks like a little rocket. Legend say that the pods launch from the plant but in reality they just drop off. Non-native
  Red Maids  Red Maids Calandrinia ciliata This one wasn't quite opened all the way. Seen on a shady part of the Manzana Trail to Dabney's Cabin. Native
  Fairy Lantern  Fairy Lantern Calochortus albus These pretty little flowers do look like lanterns. They grow in shady spots usually in the shade of trees. Native
  Clay Mariposa Lily  Clay Mariposa Lily Calochortus argillosus Lovely Mariposas with colorful spots. This one was seen on a trip down the Sespe but they are fairly common in Santa Barbara. Native
  Mariposa Lily  Mariposa Lily Calochortus clavatus Calochortus clavatus? Not sure of this designation. Native
  Plain Mariposa Lilly  Plain Mariposa Lilly Calochortus Inventustus There are many species and subspecies of this plant each with different colors shading and spots but there are always three pedals. Native
  Lilac Mariposa  Lilac Mariposa Calochortus splendens Found quite a few of these on the trail to South Fork from Mansfield in May 2005. Native
  Weed's Mariposa Lily  Weed's Mariposa Lily Calochortus weedii This hairy lily was seen on the front side of the Arroyo Burro trail. Native
  Yellow Mariposa Lily  Yellow Mariposa Lily Calochotus clavatus Fairly common on our trails. This one was seen near Fish Creek Camp on the Manzana. Native
  Wooly Morning-Glory  Wooly Morning-Glory Calystegia malacophylla Pedicellata Found on trail near Mansfield camp on the Sisquoc. Native
  Slender-pod jewelflower  Slender-pod jewelflower Caulanthus heterophyllus We saw these on Hurricane Deck in March 2008 after the Zaca Fire. There were quite a few of them. Native
  Shredding Evening Primrose  Shredding Evening Primrose Camissonia boothii Found one lone plant on the Willow Springs trail in April. Native
  Indian Paintbrush  Indian Paintbrush Castilleja affinis There are many species of this plant that look slightly different but all have the colorful bracts that are often mistaken for flowers. Native
  Pine Indian Paintbrush  Pine Indian Paintbrush Castilleja applegatei Another type of paintbrush. this one is a darker red with a long stalk. Native
  Tocalote  Tocalote Centaurea melitensis Non-native thistle found along the side of trails everywhere in Santa Barbara County and the Channel Islands. Non-native
  Star Thistle  Star Thistle Centaurea solstitialis This little plant is about ankle height and seems to be taking over much of the Santa Barbara backcountry trails. The spiny bracts are painful. A non-native introduced by the '49er gold rush in stock feed. Non-native
  Yellow Pincushion  Yellow Pincushion Chaenactis glabriuscula DC Found growing on Santa Cruz trail in a rocky shaley area. Native
  Rattlesnake weed  Rattlesnake weed Chamaesyce albomarginata Very, very tiny flowers, just a couple of millimeters on a prostrate plant no more than 1/2 inch high. The name comes from the belief that it could cure snake bites. Native
  Turkish Rugging  Turkish Rugging Chorizanthe staticoides Tiny flowers that blanket the ground. Native
  Chicory Blue Sailors  Chicory Blue Sailors Cichorium intybus These bright blue flowers are often found in disturbed earth near roads and trails. Non-native
  California Thistle  California Thistle Cirsium occidentale Also called the Cobweb Thistle because of the web-like appearance at the base of the flower. Native
  Rock Rose  Rock Rose Cistus incanus This is an import from the Mediterranean area. Rock rose was planted in the middle sixties as a fire retardant species to avert fire tragedy in the front country. It became invasive. (Thanks to Ann Newell) Non-native
  Farewell-to-Spring  Farewell-to-Spring Clarkia amoena Colors may range from pink to purple tone sometimes with a red trim. Native
  Speckled Clarkia  Speckled Clarkia Clarkia cylindrica Very similar to Farewell-to-Spring but with speckles. Native
  Canyon Fairyfan  Canyon Fairyfan Clarkia epilobioides Tiny little flowers on small plants. Found on Tequepis trail in April. Native
  Four Spot  Four Spot Clarkia purpurea ssp. quadrivulnera This cute little Clarkia always has four spots hence the name. This one was spotted along wth thousands of others on the Manzana trail leading out to Dabney Cabin. Native
  Wine Cup  Wine Cup Clarkia speciosa The color and shape is the reason for the name. Native
  Elegant Clarkia  Elegant Clarkia Clarkia unguiculata American Indians used to make a soup out of their seeds. Native
  Streambank Springbeauty  Streambank Springbeauty Claytonia parviflora Similar and related to Miners Lettce but they are larger and the flower stems differ. These were seen on Figueroa Mountain. Native
  Miner's Lettuce  Miner's Lettuce Claytonia perfoliata Called Miner's Lettuce because the miners found that it was eatable and contained a lot of vitamin C. Native
  Red-stemmed Spring Beauty  Red-stemmed Spring Beauty Claytonia rubra Looks very similar to Miners Lettuce. These tiny plants were seen at Mission Pine Basin. Native
  Clematis  Clematis Clematis lasiantha This plant is a climber often leaving its vines behind to tangle around their host. Native
  Chinese Houses  Chinese Houses Collinsia heterophylla These very dark Chinese Houses were seen on Hurricane Deck West up above the Manzana Schoolhouse. Native
  Mountain Collomia  Mountain Collomia Collomia grandiflora Pale apricot colored flowers which branch from a chia-like ball at the end of a single stem. This one and others were spotted at Willow Springs on Figueroa mountain. Native
  Poison Hemlock  Poison Hemlock Conium maculatum There is quite a bit of this growing on the Sierra Club trail in Elings Park. Non-native
  Bind Weed  Bind Weed Convolvulus arvensis This climbing plant often totally covers the plants that it grows on. Non-native
  Douglas Coreopsis  Douglas Coreopsis Coreopsis Douglasii Found large colonies of these on the Judal trail in May 2005. Native
  Giant Coreopsis  Giant Coreopsis Coreopsis gigantea This one was found near Oso Flaco Lake on Coreopsis Hill. Native
  Brass Buttons  Brass Buttons Cotula coronopifolia These somewhat flat pedal-less flowers were seen on a seep leading into the ocean on Hendry's beach. Non-native
  Cleveland's Cryptantha  Cleveland's Cryptantha Cryptantha clevelandii These little flowers on hairy stems were seen on Figueroa Mountain. Native
  California Dodders  California Dodders Cuscuta californica Also called Love Vine Spaghetti Weed. A parasitic plant that seems to be expanding it presence in the back country. Native
  Datura  Datura Datura wrightii This plant has very large flowers that have an unpleasant smell. They are poisonous and psycotropic. Native
  Queen Anne's Lace  Queen Anne's Lace Daucus carota European biennial import. Also called carrot. Non-native
  Yerba De La Vibora  Yerba De La Vibora Daucus pusillus Used by the natives as a soak for rheumatic pains and a cure for rattlesnake bite. Also known as wild carrot. The roots are edible. Native
  Scarlet Larkspur  Scarlet Larkspur Delfinium nudicaule Also called Scarlet Larkspur. These bright red flowers grow on a stark plant that is about two feet tall. Native
  Blue Delphinium  Blue Delphinium Delphinium patens Dark blue colors and tall flower stalks define these. This hike was on Cold Springs trail down to Forbush Flats. Native
  Bush Poppy  Bush Poppy Dendromecon rigida This is a small shrub. Native
  Milk Maids  Milk Maids Dentaria californica This member of the mustard family is one of the earliest springtime bloomers in Santa Barbara. Native
  Golden Ear-drops  Golden Ear-drops Dicentra chrysantha Thick pedals make this a very unusual looking plant. Native
  Blue Dicks  Blue Dicks Dichelostemma capitatum This little bulbed plant only puts up two leaves and then a flower if conditions are right. Native
  Albino Blue Dicks  Albino Blue Dicks Dichelostemma capitatum Saw this albino on the dirt road out to Matilija Falls above Ojai. Native
  Albino Shooting Stars  Albino Shooting Stars Dodecatheon clevelandii On the Devil's Canyon trail I found this albino Shooting Star surrounded by dozens of ordinary shooting stars. Native
  Shooting Stars  Shooting Stars Dodecatheon clevelandii These flowers are seen on most trails. Their flowers point down until they are fertilized and then they slowly move to pointing straight up as the seed pods develop. Native
  Lanceleaf Liveforever  Lanceleaf Liveforever Dudleya lanceolata Also called Rock Lettuce. These were seen on the Saddle Rock Trail in early May although they are common elsewhere. Native
  California Fuschia  California Fuschia Epilobium canum Very deep red flowers. The base of the flower looks very different from a Penstemon. Native
  Stream Orchid  Stream Orchid Epipactis gigantea After two years of looking, I finally found a small colony of these on Aliso Creek. Immediately afterward Diane spotted several other groups. Despite the gigantea the flower is only about an inch wide and the plant about 8 inches tall. Native
  Desert Tea  Desert Tea Ephedra californica You would have to be pretty desperate to drink this tea. It is very bitter. Supposedly it is a strong stimulant. Usually just green stems but it has brown flowers in the spring. Native
  Doveweed  Doveweed Eremocarpus setigerus Low growing and easy to overlook this plant has tiny flowers and a silvery appearance. Native
  Fleabane aster  Fleabane aster Erigeron foliosus Pretty little flowers hiding in the shade on Tunnel trail. Native
  Yerba Santa  Yerba Santa Eriodictyon crassifolium var. Nigrescens Commonly found near trails and dirt roads. Native
  Wild Buckwheat  Wild Buckwheat Eriogonum parvifolium A wider view of wild buckwheat. Native
  GoldenYarrow  GoldenYarrow Eriophyllum lanatum Seems to do very well in wet years like 2003. Native
  Redstem Filaree  Redstem Filaree Erodium cicutarium Introduced early in the Mission Period to feed livestock. A very tiny plant with little pink flowers. Non-native
  Douglas Wallflower  Douglas Wallflower Erysimum capitatum This one was seen on the Dough Flat trail toward Alder Creek trail. Native
  California Poppy  California Poppy Eschscholzia californica Common plant throughout California sometimes covering whole hillsides as on Figueroa Mountain in the springtime. Native
  Sweet Fennel  Sweet Fennel Foeniculum vulgare Not a native but you will see these tall lanky plants growing by the sides of roads and trails. Often you can smell the licorice-like odor as well. Non-native
  California Strawberry  California Strawberry Fragaria vesca Saw these on Tequepis trail in April. The yellow center gives it away as a strawberry. It is not short and stout like domestic strawberries. Native
  Mission Bells  Mission Bells Fritillaria affinis They look like they are related to Mariposa Lilies and Fairy Lanterns but it is a different family name. Native
  Chocolate Lily  Chocolate Lily Fritillaria biflora This pretty lily was spotted on the Aliso trail. Although there were several that year we spotted only one the following year in this same location. Native
  Cut-Leaved Geranium  Cut-Leaved Geranium Geranium Dissectum A European native that I spotted on the Ennisbrook trail under the great oaks. Non-natvie
  California Gilia  California Gilia Gilia achilleifolia White flowers with a tinge of pink. Native
  Globe Gilia  Globe Gilia Gilia capitata These were spotted on the Alisol trail. Native
  Bird's Eye Gilia  Bird's Eye Gilia Gilia tricolor Common lavender flowers with a dark throat. These were seen on the Alder Creek Trail heading down to the Sespe. Native
  Gumplant  Gumplant Grindelia camporum Saw this one in a xeroscape garden although we have seen them out in the wild as well. Native
  Rush Rose  Rush Rose Helianthemum scoparium This small bushy plant looks like and grows among deer weed. The flowers are quite different. Native
  Common Tarweed  Common Tarweed Hemizonia fasciculata Saw these up at the top of the Sierra Club trail in Elings park. Native
  Hawkweed  Hawkweed Hieracium argutum Spindly flower stalks with wooly leaves at the base. Native
  Leather Root  Leather Root Hoita macrostachya Saw this one at one of the far pools near Red Rock. Native
  Coastal Goldenbush  Coastal Goldenbush Isocoma menziesii These flowers are very tiny and are complex. Native
  Honeysuckle Penstemon  Honeysuckle Penstemon Keckiella cordifolia Not really a Penstemon but it looks like one and is common in Santa Barbara. Native
  Henbit Deadnettle  Henbit Deadnettle Lamium amplexicaule We saw lots of these along Happy Canyon Road near the horse ranches. They have the square stems and opposing leaves of the mint family. They were introduced to California in grass seed from Europe where some consider them a noxious weed. Non-native
  Goldfields  Goldfields Lasthenia californica Very tiny flowers that often grow in amazing abundance covering whole valleys with a golden glow that can be seen from miles away. Native
  Wild Sweatpea  Wild Sweatpea Lathyrus vestitus This plant climbs all over other plants with their vines. Native
  Tidy Tips  Tidy Tips Layia platyglossa The name comes from the white tips of the petals.They are usually found in large groups. Native
  Pitcher Sage  Pitcher Sage Lepechinia calycina This shrub has pretty pale lavender flowers. It is a member of the mint family. Native
  Prickly Phlox  Prickly Phlox Leptodactylon californicum Pretty pink flowers but the tiny leaves become needles when they dry out and are rather painful to rub up against. Native
  Humbolt Lily  Humbolt Lily Lillium humboldtii Seen on Cold Springs Trail. There is a disease that often keeps them from blooming by rotting the top of the plant. Native
  Western Blue Flax  Western Blue Flax Linum perenne Seems to like dry arid areas in the backcountry. Native
  Woodland Star  Woodland Star Lithophragma affine Found these at Willow Spring on Figueroa Mountain in April. They are about 12 to 16 inches tall. Native
  Rothrock's Lobelia  Rothrock's Lobelia Lobelia dunnii These lovely little plants love water and are often found growing in waterfalls and springs in Santa Barbara. Native
  Southern Honeysuckle  Southern Honeysuckle Lonicera subspicata; Doronel This was seen on Arroyo Burro trail. Native
  Lupine  Lupine Lupinus Lupinus many species - This is a member of the pea family a legume that holds nitrogen fixing bacteria in its root nodules. Native
  Nettle Lupine  Nettle Lupine Lupinus hirsutissimus Very hairy or spiny lupine about 12 inches tall. Found this one near the dirt road out to Matillija Falls. Native
  Common Madia  Common Madia Madia elegans Rather large yellow disk sometimes with pedals curled at the ends. This pair were seen on Davy Brown trail in Fir Canyon. Native
  Coastal Tarweed  Coastal Tarweed Madia sativa These were seen on Figueroa Mountain in early April 2004. Native
  Cliff Desertdandelion  Cliff Desertdandelion Malacothrix saxatilis Don't really have any details on this flower. Native
  Wild Cucumber  Wild Cucumber Marah fabaceus This is a climbing vine that creates a seed pod that looks something like a fat cucumber but with spikes. They contain a psychotropic chemical but I have seen half eaten ones on the ground so some animals must be able to tolerate them. Native
  Slender Stickleaf  Slender Stickleaf Mentzelia gracilenta Found these on the Judal trail in 2005, a very wet year. Needs a very wet year to come out. Also called Grass Blazingstar. Native
  Blazing Star  Blazing Star Mentzelia laevicaulis A beautiful large flower that amazes you when you stumble upon one. Native
  Bush Monkey Flower  Bush Monkey Flower Mimulus aurantiacus There are many varieties of Bush Monkey Flowers so I am not positive on this name. These were found in the Red Rock area. Native
  Desert Monkey Flower  Desert Monkey Flower Mimulus bigelovii Seen on Hurricane Deck. Native
  Wide Throated Monkey Flower  Wide Throated Monkey Flower Mimulus brevipes These were seen at the top of Tunnel Trail growing in the shale. Native
  Red Monkey Flower  Red Monkey Flower Mimulus cardinalis Usually found in moist areas around creeks and waterfalls. Native
  Common Monkey Flower  Common Monkey Flower Mimulus guttatus This one was seen at Little Caliente Hot Spring in March 2004. The small red spots look very cute but the name monkey flower comes from the appearance of the seeds. Native
  Wishbone Bush  Wishbone Bush Mirabilis californica This is in the four o'clock family. I spotted these on the Buena Vista trail in March. Native
  Mustang Mint  Mustang Mint Monardella lanceolata We ran into a whole meadow filled with these beautiful flowers while hiking downstream along the Manzana toward Dabney Cabin. Native
  Honey-scented Navarretia  Honey-scented Navarretia Navarretia mellita Also called the pincushion plant. These were seen on Figueroa Mountain at the top of Davy Brown trail. Native
  Baby Blue Eyes  Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii These tiny little flowers are found in shade cool places fairly early in spring. These were seen on the Franklin trail near Alder Creek Camp. Native
  California Broomrape  California Broomrape Orobanche californica A parastic plant that feeds off the roots of other plants. It has no chlorophyll of its own. This was spotted on Lost Valley trail, May 1st. Native
  Owls Clover  Owls Clover Orthocarpus purpurascens These flowers are a clump of pinkish flowers mixed with purplish bracts and whitish knobs. Native
  Creeping Wood Sorrel  Creeping Wood Sorrel Oxalis corniculata These flowers were so small and surrounded by other plants that I nearly passed them by. Seen on Buena Vista trail. Non-native
  Bermuda Buttercup  Bermuda Buttercup Oxalis pes-caprae The kids call this sour grass because they pull them out and suck on the sour stems. Originally from South Africa this invasive species is now found everywhere in early spring. Non-native
  California Peony  California Peony Paeonia californica This picture was taken looking up into the flower which almost always faces down at the ground. Native
  Fire Poppy  Fire Poppy Papaver californicum This lone flower was seen on the new Bud Gerard Trail behind Montecito in April. Native
  Indian Warrior  Indian Warrior Pedicularis densiflora I found these off of West Camino Cielo where they were living beneath the chemise. They are semi-parasitic on their roots. Native
  Scarlet Bugler  Scarlet Bugler Penstemon centranthifolius Tall lanky stems with lots of red flowers on them. These were seen in the recent burn area on Aliso trail. Native
  Foothill Penstemon  Foothill Penstemon Penstemon heterophyllus The buds are yellow but when the flowers bloom they have turned to blue. Native
  Grinnell's Penstemon  Grinnell's Penstemon Penstemon grinnellii This pretty little annual seems to like disturbed areas such as fire roads. This one was spotted on the Cachuma Fire Road during the Cachuma Fire. Native
  Caterpillar Phacelia  Caterpillar Phacelia Phacelia cicutaria There are many species of Phacelias in Santa Barbara County. Native
  Rock Phacelia  Rock Phacelia Phacelia imbricata Saw this one and others on the trail between Skunk camp and South Fork. Native
  Large-flower Phacelia  Large-flower Phacelia Phacelia grandiflora This particular one was on a short trail in Toro canyon although I have also seen them on Cold Springs East trail. Native
  Sticky Phacelia  Sticky Phacelia Phacelia viscida Saw this one on Hurricane Deck West although they are found many other places. Native
  Fiesta Flower  Fiesta Flower Pholistoma auritum These lavender-blue flowers have sticky leaves that people stick to their clothes for the Fiesta parade in Santa Barbara. Native
  Popcorn Flower  Popcorn Flower Plagiobothrys nothofulvus When these appear in large groups the sea of tiny white flowers on the hairy uncurling stems do indeed look like popcorn. Native
  Cream Cups  Cream Cups Platystemon californicus Pretty little flowers with a creamy color. Often grow in fields of Goldfields poppies or other flowers. Native
  California Buttercup  California Buttercup Ranunculus californicus Shiny almost wet looking flowers identify this flower. Native
  Chaparral Currant  Chaparral Currant Ribes malvaceum This one was spotted on the Fremont trail. Native
  Gooseberry  Gooseberry Ribes speciosum This shrub has beautiful fuchsia like flowers that bloom in the spring. Native
  Castor Bean Plant  Castor Bean Plant Ricinus communis This extremely poisonous plant is not native. The red female flowers appear above the white male flowers. The flowers have no petals. Non-native
  Matilija Poppy  Matilija Poppy Romneya trichocalyx Also called the fried egg flower because of the way it looks. These are most commonly found in gardens now although they are a native to Santa Barbara. Native
  California Wild Rose  California Wild Rose Rosa californica A true native rose found in lower elevations and near creeks. Native
  California Blackberry  California Blackberry Rubus ursinus These sprawling plants are found in large groups often near trails. These were seen on Cold Springs near Mono Camp. Native
  White Sage  White Sage Salvia apiana Common throughout the Santa Barbara backcountry. This one was seen at Red Rock. Native
  Chia  Chia Salvia columbariae Sometimes there are two flower balls on one stem. Native
  Purple Sage  Purple Sage Salvia leucophylla Common in chaparral and scrub around Santa Barbara. Native
  Black Sage  Black Sage Salvia mellifera Common in the chaparral and scrub around Santa Barbara. Native
  Hummingbird Sage  Hummingbird Sage Salvia spathacea The long lived flowers of this sage are probably what makes it so popular with hummingbirds. Native
  Checker Bloom  Checker Bloom Sidalcea malviflora Also called mallow locally it is a member of the mallow family. This one was spotted on Rattlesnake trail. Native
  Indian Pink  Indian Pink Silene Always bright red the name comes from pinking shears which seemed to have cut the edges of the flower. Native
  Indian Pink Californica  Indian Pink Californica Silene californica Found on the Alder Creek trail which runs through the Ventura Condor Sanctuary. Native
  Blue Eyed Grass  Blue Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium bellum One of my favorites because they survived in my backyard after the 1990 Painted Cave Fire when nothing else was left. Native
  Milk Thistle  Milk Thistle Silybum marianum These have taken over the Gaviota Fire area. With the sharp needles on their leaves, that is not a pleasant thing. Still they are very interesting to look at. Non-native
  Purple Nightshade  Purple Nightshade Solanum xznti Found just about everywhere in SB County. Despite the name Deadly the ripe fruit are said to be eatable and I have seen hikers eat them. Native
  California Goldenrod  California Goldenrod Solidago californica This was seen on the McMenemy trail in April although it is fairly common elsewhere. Native
  Common Wood Mint  Common Wood Mint Stachys bullata I saw these on the Ennisbrook trail and then on the San Ysidro Trail. They were about a foot tall with small flowers. Native
  Prince's Plume  Prince's Plume Stanleya pinnata Seems to like to grow in shalely soil. This one was seen on Hurricane Deck. Native
  Fort Tejon Milk-Aster  Fort Tejon Milk-Aster Stephanomeria cichoriacea Also called Chicory-leaved Stephanomeria, found this one several years ago in the Santa Ynez mountains but can't remember exactly where. Native
  Wand Chicory  Wand Chicory Stephanomeria virgata Also called Twiggy Wreath Plant or Tall stephanomeria. This one was seen on the Arroyo Burro trail on the upper portion of the front side. Native
  Wind Poppy  Wind Poppy Stylomecon heterophylla Found on Hurricane Deck west in a cool location where the trail briefly goes on the north side of the ridge. Native
  Tamarisk  Tamarisk Tamarix ramosissima A non-native plant from Asia which is invading creeks and rivers in Santa Barbara County and other areas of California. Non-native
  California False Lupine  California False Lupine Thermopsis californica Found on Zaca ridge. Native
  Narrow-leaved Lace-pod  Narrow-leaved Lace-pod Thysanocarpus curvipes These were seen on Manzana trail near the meadow on the way to Dabney cabin. They were very tiny - only about six inches tall. Native
  Poison Oak  Poison Oak Toxicodendron diversilobum Very nasty if you are susceptible to it and the more you are in contact with it the more likely you will become susceptible. Native
  Oyster Plant  Oyster Plant Tragopogon porrifolius European biennial found near dirt roads. It produces a large dandelion like seed display. The roots are edible. Non-native
  Woolly Blue Curl  Woolly Blue Curl Trichostema lanatu The name describes it well. Native
  Poodle-dog Bush  Poodle-dog Bush Turricula parryi We saw these on Agua Caliente right in the trail. This is a plant like poison oak and Stinging Nettles but the pain is greater and lasts longer. Usually has a purple flower. It is often found in burn areas so aware of it or you will be sorry. Native
  Stinging Nettles  Stinging Nettles Urtica dioica These are found next to creeks. They have tiny needles that inject you with stinking poison when you touch them. We have a friend who boils them and eats them. Apparently boiling removes the poison. Native
  Canyon Sunflower  Canyon Sunflower Venegasia carpesioides You can see these in cool canyons in SB. Native
  Moth Mullein  Moth Mullein Verbascum blattaria There are many of these in the Tin Can meadow on Rattlesnake trail. It is not a native plant. Non-native
  Verbena  Verbena Verbena lasiostachys These tiny purple blooms blossom one section of the shaft and then the bloom moves up as the old flowers die. Native
  Vetch  Vetch Vicia villosa Common along roads and fields. Entwines itself with everything around it. Non-native
  Johnny Jump Up  Johnny Jump Up Viola pedunculata Also called California Golden Violet or Yellow Pansy. Native
  Mountain Violet  Mountain Violet Viola purpurea Saw some of these in the pine forest above Mission Pine Spring. They look very similar to the Golden Violet but without the dark center. Native
  Yucca  Yucca Yucca whipplei Spectacular flower stalks that grow six to ten feet tall. Native
  Star Lily  Star Lily Zigadenus fremontii Usually found in early spring late rain can extend their appearance. Native